Free music platform for composers

You keep 100 percent royalties (minus Paypal™ fees and VAT).

Full management of your files : either use direct Dropbox ™ integration (drag&drop upload), or GDrive, Sugarsync. Files can also be hosted on Emotuned server for even quicker streaming (additional fees - free for early sellers).

[New] Samples libraries / synth presets

You can now sell samples libraries and synth/plugins presets (additional 13 percent fees when sales count reaches a treshold - see FAQ).
These can be combined into hybrid releases : songs, corresponding instruments samples or presets, and even midifiles for easy covering.

You don't just buy, you fund !

You get free access to later updates (enhanced tracks/new items).

Unique pricing for music ($/€ 0.5 per song) and fair pricing for instruments samples and presets ($19-59).

Music and samples are 16-24 bit lossless.

[New] Cleaner and faster design

Ligther theme, live browsing of releases, finer Zen player, new filtering options, quicker launch time.

The application now defaults to iPad mini's resolution for use with Safari's new fullscreen mode.


Get in touch with cover artists (singers, arrangers, pro composers) to enhance your releases.

[Coming] Sites Integration Tools : connect your site to Emotuned store system.

[New] Seamless tax management

For easier VAT management, the site withholds a fixed 20 percent from sales (that is, every five music sales per seller's product is sent to the site's Paypal account - for instruments releases that is every third sale once treshold is reached).